Building Awareness & Confidence

Awareness is the first step, building confidence is how we improve performance and culture.

Our range of workshops are designed with your needs in mind.


Disability Inclusion Workshops

We offer a range of workshops, both virtual and face to face, tailored to each audience. A key aspect of our workshops includes immersive experiences, giving participants the opportunity to take a glimpse at how it could feel to be excluded due to having an impairment.

Digital Accessibility Workshops

Whether you want to make all IT staff aware of digital accessibility or if you wish to target a specific audience e.g. Developers or Architects, our tailored workshops can meet your needs.

Physical Workplace or Universal Design Workshops

Whether for service teams, Workplace Architects or Facilities Managers, our interactive workshops will meet your needs.

Disability Confidence Workshops

Disability awareness is key for inclusion; however, disability confidence will enable your organisation to take the next step. These workshops are beneficial for all, although key audience include those who provide hospitality or front of house services.

Accessible Communications Workshops

If your business generates any communication materials, be that letters, emails, invoices, presentations, posters, videos or more, do you want to ensure you are reaching your whole audience?
It may surprise you how often people aren’t able to access information because the creators just were not aware of requirements and impact.
It’s not only communications professionals who can benefit from one of our workshops, anyone generating materials on behalf of your business could benefit greatly.

Let’s build something great together.

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