Learning & Development

Enabling your staff to enable your organisation.

Our wide range of workshops provide a wide spectrum of learning opportunities; however, where it is required for people to harness key skills we also offer bespoke learning and development.


Facilitator Training

Extended workshops are offered with the addition of facilitator training, to enable your employees to use our materials to share with a wider internal audience. This option can prove to be more cost effective for larger companies. For these sessions we also provide detailed facilitator guides to ensure all future attendees have an equitable experience. We also offer refresher training and content reviews.

Accessibility Champions

By developing a group of Accessibility Champions, not only do you raise the knowledge within your organisation, you also have a support mechanism for those who aren’t so knowledgeable. Champion programmes can be tiered e.g. Ally, Champion and SME (subject matter expert) or simply a flat line with all receiving the same training.

Let’s build something great together.

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