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Be #PeopleSmart enabling disability inclusion and accessibility, with the help of our amazing guest speakers. 
Inclusion is only true if it includes everyone.

It is our pleasure to speak with these amazing guest speakers and to share their insights, experiences and expertise with you all.
Accessible transcripts are also provided for each episode, please see below.

Myth Busting – Does your workplace work? Be #PeopleSmart

Be #PeopleSmart Founder, Jodie Greer, chats with Steven Howe, UK and Ireland Country Sales Manager at Bakker Elkhuizen, about all things ergonomics. Jodie and Steven aim to bust the myth: "Unless you have pain, there's no need to worry about ergonomics". So, whether you provide workplace equipment, you find yourself working from a sofa with your laptop on your knees, or if you simply want to understand more about looking after your body so it can keep looking after you, then don't miss this episode. You can find Steven on (LinkedIn), and you can find out more about Bakker Elkhuizen via their website Accessible transcript documents, with thanks to our partners (Just: Access) are available via our website
  1. Myth Busting – Does your workplace work?
  2. Myth Busting – It's a sign!
  3. Myth Busting -Inclusive customer service made easy.
  4. Myth Busting – It could be a sign, but maybe not?
  5. Myth Busting – Workplace adjustments aren't solely for disabled people

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