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I started hearing about Jodie’s leadership and amazing work from other global leaders in the disability inclusion and accessibility field. She is a committed leader that understands the nuance steps that a global corporation has to take to assure true inclusion. She is a huge asset to the field. Proud to work and partner with this brilliant woman.

Debra Ruh, CEO, Ruh Global Impact

Working with Jodie was fantastic. Her hands-on approach to leadership, strategy, accessibility and powerful personality gained her the respect of everyone with whom she worked. She is also an all-around terrific person. She is a powerhouse, and I am continuously inspired by her work to help organisations understand and gain value from disability inclusion.

Maya Sellon, Inclusive Design & Digital Accessibility Advocate, Shell

It has been my pleasure to work with Jodie on a number of strategic initiatives particularly those focused on creating accessibility skills. Jodie recognises the importance of formalising learning both at the entry level and for people leading the strategy for accessibility and inclusion in their organisations. Her eye for detail and a well crafted sentence have helped refine and define the work that we have done together on accessibility apprenticeships and also the strategic leader in accessibility certification for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

Neil Milliken, Global Accessibility Lead, Atos

Jodie has been a consistently, passionate champion of accessibility.  She has demonstrated her ability to make suggestions relevant by providing examples of the implications of decisions and challenge norms for simple improvements that advance inclusion.

Kim Sauvageau, Global Workplace Architect, Shell

It has been a pleasure to work with Jodie the last few years as part of the enABLE network. Her awareness and passion for disability inclusion has been inspiring and the workshops she created have opened up many eyes to understanding those with disabilities and the challenges that they face in every day life. Jodie’s enthusiasm for driving change and creating an inclusive workplace is commendable and I value the impact she has had on me as someone with an invisible disability. Thank you for all your efforts Jodie and good luck in your new endeavours!

Hayley Kennedy, Risk Manager, Shell

I have worked with Jodie on a number of accessibility audits. What struck me was that she always saw beyond the disability implications and concentrated on the human issues. She always saw the person first.

David Jones, Member of Disability Equity Partnership and Chair of the Well-being Workgroup, Aberdeen City Council

Jodie has many strengths, and the two that stand out most to me are her knowledge of disability inclusion and accessibility, and her authenticity.
Jodie has been involved within the disability space for a long time and has accrued a wealth of knowledge. This knowledge means she is able to spot gaps in accessibility and inclusion, and proactively find ways to fill them, be that through coaching and teaching, and advocacy, or though developing brilliant experiential workshops.
Jodie takes an authentic approach to her work, and this means she is not afraid to challenge the status quo. This means she is willing to have difficult conversations to drive change in an often underrepresented space. As a result, she has impact and influence across different levels of an organisation.
I have lead enABLE UK at Shell using skills I have learnt from her, and she is an asset to the progression of disability inclusion and accessibility, and to anyone that works with her.

Cherrelle Williams, Customer Experience Co-ordinator and enABLE UK Chair, Shell

It has been my great pleasure to work with Jodie Greer in the Shell enABLE Employee Resource Group (ERG). Jodie was the enABLE Country Chair for the UK. However, she was in fact the heart and soul of enABLE. Her passion, energy, and creativity made her the global leader for enABLE in Shell. She came up with many creative and innovative ways to raise awareness of enABLE and advance accessibility and inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in Shell. I was particularly impressed with the Disability Workshop that she developed herself and frequently facilitated. The workshop was brilliantly designed to give work groups in Shell the opportunity to experience some common disabilities and the barriers that commonly exist to accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. Her passion and energy when she facilitated was obvious and made the workshop truly impactful for all that attended and drove clear change in perceptions, attitudes and stigma. Jodie Greer is an exceptional and experienced advocate for accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities!

Doug Dolan, Learning Advisor, Shell

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