Stakeholder Engagement

Whether influencing, consulting or informing, our services can help you to achieve your goals.

Tried and tested methods can reduce time on decision making and make consultations more effective.

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Fishbowl Sessions

These sessions give a group of employees an opportunity to share challenges and successes openly with more senior staff and then for those staff to share their responses openly. These sessions also result in a tangible, trackable action for each of the senior staff present.
We often find business leaders want to be more inclusive and just do not know where the business needs to focus its efforts and what actions they can take personally to make a difference.
Traditionally fishbowl sessions are held face to face, however we are able to adapt these for virtual audiences to ensure physical location is not a barrier to engagement.

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Keynote Speeches

Either delivering an individual speech or partaking in panel discussions. Whether you want your employees to understand why disability inclusion is key, if you are influencing senior leaders or stakeholders in this space, or if you simply want to celebrate your successes of being disability smart, we would love to play a part in your journey.
We are flexible with content and style, ensuring we ultimately support your end goals.

Let’s build something great together.

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