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Inclusion is only true if it includes everyone.

It is our pleasure to speak with these amazing guest speakers and to share their insights, experiences and expertise with you all.
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Neurodiverse, Not Neurodiverse-ish – Part 2 Be #PeopleSmart

Be #PeopleSmart Founder, Jodie Greer, speaks with Paul Stevenson, Tourette's syndrome ambassador from Genius Within about living with tics and other neurodiverse conditions. You'll hear so much more about Tourette's syndrome, it's not all coprolalia (swearing tics) as often portrayed in the media. It's great to hear about the added strengths neurodivergent people bring to a team and why neurodiversity is so critical for business success. You may be surprised by some of the information Paul shares, like why he only buys cheap prescription glasses, how tics can create secondary disabilities and how they can result in pain for several days or more.
  1. Neurodiverse, Not Neurodiverse-ish – Part 2
  2. Inclusive Wellbeing
  3. Neurodiverse, Not Neurodiverse-ish

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