Workplace Accessibility

Inclusive workplaces enable productivity.

Inclusive design will enable the attraction and retention of the best talent, without the unnecessary costs of retrofits and providing the adjustments needed can simply be BAU (business as usual).


Workplace Accessibility Audits

How accessible is your workplace?
In some countries building regulations ensure effective physical accessibility, however even then there are other aspects to consider both from a physical perspective and to ensure inclusion for those with cognitive or learning impairments. We offer multi-site discounts, which will also be applied if you commission an audit on one site and then request further audits.

Reasonable Adjustments or Accommodations

As we are all different, there are often times when employees or customers require an adjustment or accommodation to enable their productivity or participation. These could be either physical e.g. environmental, office equipment, IT hardware or digital e.g. IT software. There are also soft adjustments you may wish to consider including working hours or primary work location.
Whether you are looking to develop an in-house solution or to outsource this service we can help you find the right process for you; to ensure the wellbeing of your employees is a priority and to enable optimal productivity.

We can also support you to ensure your vendors or supply partners understand your requirements. Whether you require coaching, active vendor engagement or to review your contracting and procurement processes we can help you to reach your objectives.

Let’s build something great together.

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