Accessibility is Valuable

I often talk about accessibility for customers; however, I don’t aim this at small or medium sized businesses often enough. This blog post is one step in the right direction for me to change that and ensure Be #PeopleSmart is supporting all companies to be inclusive and accessible. Disability inclusion and accessibility is often eitherContinue reading “Accessibility is Valuable”

New Real Life

I delivered some workshops this week on accessible ways of working and how to put these in to practice long term in a virtual and face to face setting. It was interesting, as when scene setting I was asked to focus more on virtual ways of working; particularly as there’s no guarantee everyone will returnContinue reading “New Real Life”

Asking for help is a strength

I hosted a webinar this morning on behalf of the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals), on the subject of Accessibility Expertise. It was a pleasure really, as it was a nice informal chat with one of my favourite fellow accessibility professionals – Neil Eustice from KPMG. The intention of the webinar was to shareContinue reading “Asking for help is a strength”

Seniority is not Superiority

There is often talk of inclusion, of wanting people to feel confident to be themselves and to request any accessibility adjustments or accommodations they need. Of course, that’s just what we should be hearing. However actions speak louder than words and behaviours can sometimes stop exactly that from happening. How many times have you heardContinue reading “Seniority is not Superiority”

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